AnankeMan’s progress can be easily delineated through significant moments in time. The printing press, industrial revolution and the Internet are among the most pivotal watershed moments in history that have literally shaped the world’s political economy. While globalization and technology are 21st century buzzwords, one element comprising 50 percent of the world population has emerged as a top contender raring to revolutionize the global business landscape – and that element is women.

The actualization of advancement and development on a national as well as a global scale can only be possible by bridging the gender divide. It is not untrue to say that critical issues of empowerment and disparities stem from a lack of opportunities in terms of education as well as women’s marked absence from formally recognized politico-economic activities of the country. The latter is also a direct consequence of a patriarchal society with its deep-seated familial and communal norms.

With research proclaiming that nearly one billion women will enter the workforce in the next decade, impact is poised to be tremendous. The ‘third billion’ as they are called, is ready to change the market dynamics just as the billion-plus economies of India and China have done so before them.

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